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Our mission is to enable businesses and developers to provide high-value products and services in a constantly changing digital world.

Managing IT in the cloud is arguably NOT getting easier because of so many solutions to similar problems that get customers lost or overwhelmed. Public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform are releasing services and features on daily basis, forcing everybody else to adopt flexible change management processes and policies.

TerraHub was created as a response to growing complexity associated with cloud. We are providing incremental value by managing large amount of cloud services and cloud resources that run in customers' private networks built on top of public clouds. We engage a business model that consists of managed services by providing support and management of terraform, as well as professional services by building and deploying terraform automation.

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TerraHub Team

Continuously managing and improving on behalf of customers and partners

Eugene Istrati


Eugene Istrati has spent almost two decades as a technologist in a variety of industries, including digital media, cloud computing, and reputation marketing. He is a visionary and goal-oriented technology leader, with demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing cutting edge information solutions to address business opportunities.

Diana Ursu


Diana Ursu is an ambitious and confident leader, who work effectively in a fast-moving organization. She spent over fifteen years helping companies in many business aspects, including management and control, as well as development and marketing, by asking the right questions and finding the optimal paths to profit.

Emil Urechean


Emil Urechean is a senior engineer with over 10 years of experience who helps cloud users to make their processes automatic.

Irina Tcaciuc


Irina Tcaciuc is one of core team members focusing on front end development, user design and user experience.

Alexandr Vozicov


Alexandr Vozicov is Project Manager specializing in management of IT projects and IT engineers. Prior, he worked as Quality Assurance Engineer and built automation tests for web applications and rest apis.

Valeria Corostinscaia


Valeria Corostinscaia is a front end engineer with an unlimited passion for technology and making customer facing interfaces work.

Vladislav Polevoi


Vladislav Polevoi is a young and promising JavaScript developer. He has very good experience in frontend development, design and implementation of web applications, as well as UI & UX.

Vitalic Calmic


Vitalic Calmic is a young and optimistic IT Engineer who has recently started to embrace DevOps philosophy alongside with cloud and serverless computing.

Maxim Ciuchitu


Maxim Ciuchitu is a back-end developer with a wide range of interests in Information Technologies area. Although his main work activity is programming in JavaScript, he is interested in other domains as well like cloud and serverless technologies, devops and system architecture.