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How It Works?

TerraHub engages shared responsibility model: customers are responsible for terraform configuration and cloud security, while our platform offers managed services and undifferentiated heavy lifting like automated workflows and continuous delivery.

Step 1

Develop Terraform Configurations and Commit into Code Repository

TerraHub has built and open sourced TerraHub CLI, a command line interface that helps create and execute terraform configuration, as well as list cloud resources managed by terraform. It can be used as a stand alone tool or work as an integrated component of TerraHub platform. Follow below link for more.

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Step 2

TerraHub Integration Will Be Triggered on Code Commit or Pull Request

TerraHub has built and integrated with several code management services like GitHub and GitLab, in order to simplify customers' cloud resources management. These integrations are powered by TerraHub API. Follow below link for more.

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